Hi, I’m Jodi Thompson, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and founder of Wildlife Connection for Protection.

Wildlife Connection for Protection is an organization based on the principle that every individual can have a direct impact on wildlife, conservation, and conservation issues.

Our goal is to provide you with an individualized and personal connection with an animal(s) of your choice. Whenever possible provide the opportunity to meet/work with that animal directly if desired. Provide information in a factual but positive way.

We have partnered with wildlife centers, nature preserves, and sanctuaries around the world and together we can provide you the opportunity to connect with an animal of your choice. Imagine being connected with a tiger in Asia, a panda in China, or a dolphin in Florida.

By being connected to an individual animal you have access to their personal portal page. This personal portal page is a place you can log into daily, get to know this animal on a personal level and they can become part of your life. You will see exactly how your connection is making a difference in the life of that animal, its family, the center/sanctuary that cares for them, and the species as a whole.

Now imagine if everyone or every family connected to one animal in need, together we could change the fate of their world.

One connection can change an individual life, multiple connections can change the fate of a species…. A world of people connected to animals can change us all.

At Wildlife Connection for Protection, we are building the human/animal bond one connection at a time.

Connect to Protect.

Jodi ThompsonBio – Jodi Thompson, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

I became a veterinarian because I have always felt a stronger connection to most animals than I have to most people.  For the longest time I thought I was alone with this deep connection to animals and natural spaces but here is what I’ve learned. Over my 15 years of practicing clinical veterinary medicine, I have met countless amazing people who care deeply for not only their pets but animals in general. I have witnessed firsthand the deep emotional bond between humans and animals. For the most part, the stronger the emotional bond or connection with their pet, the more people respect, are willing to provide care and improve their pet’s quality of life within their means.  What an amazing realization! But what about the animals who don’t ‘belong’ to a person. What about them? Should an animal have to ‘belong’ to a person to have value? To be allowed to live peacefully? To have land to call home for themselves and their families? Whether right or wrong human beings dictate the fate of all species on this planet. If people value something they take care of it, they nurture it, and protect it. We humans tend to value things that make us feel good and give us something in return hence the strong bond between so many people and domestic pets. Our pets make us feel unconditional love and provide companionship among so many other things.

Whether we like it or not, our world is changing, and I believe our mindset must change and evolve as well. It is time for everyone who is capable to play a direct role in making a change.

As a veterinarian, my job is to heal, help, educate, and be a voice for the animals. A time came in my career where I had the opportunity and freedom to pursue my most valuable dream, helping the animals of our world. But for me, helping the animals of the world is a multifaceted endeavour involving the individual animal, it’s overall species, it’s habitat as well as the human mindset surrounding it. So a way of being, that deep connection with animals has now led me here, to the creation of a worldwide program which provides a pathway to empower people, to provide people with tangible opportunities for direct action and to do it all in the most positive atmosphere possible.

Along with my partner, we have developed a pathway where every single person can directly play a role in helping the amazing animals of this planet. Yes, it’s true! Regardless of your current lifestyle, career, or family responsibilities, you can form a connection with an individual animal and even participate in direct hands-on experiences with that animal whenever possible and appropriate. Imagine being connected to a tiger in Asia or a dolphin in Florida or another animal closer to home. By connecting, we are protecting. So, let’s save this beautiful world together.

Serge LemireBio – Serge Lemire

I was born in the beautiful town of Timmins Ontario then at a young age my French-Canadian parents moved to Val-d’Or Quebec, which I cherish some amazing memories.  I then earned my university degree in Business at The University of Hull, Quebec and focused on a business management degree. After graduating, I had a few jobs to build my knowledge and gain valuable experience in the business world.  With my partner Dr. Jodi Thompson, we decided to purchase and grow veterinary businesses. With hard work and dedication, we purchased and grew several successful veterinary clinics.  With this continuous passion to help our furry friends, we decided that we can do more…  We are now turning our focus on wildlife, as a co-founder of this new initiative (Wildlife Connection for Protection) Dr. Thompson and I have all the right tools to create this new and unique movement to help all species and those that care for them.