Interact With Wildlife Experts!

As a wildlife guardian, you get to interact with the WCFP team and send messages to the wildlife experts directly caring for your chosen animals. Wildlife experts will respond to your questions and comments and even incorporate their explanations in some of the daily video footage.

Yes! I want to create a connection with wildlife and interact with wildlife experts.

This is so fascinating! I love watching these videos about the beavers and other animals in their habitats at Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. They look so adorable!
The caretakers share great insights about how they care for the animals and try to provide a habitat that will help rehabilitate them. I found it very intriguing and realized a few things about beavers that I didn’t know. I asked a couple of questions about the beavers from what Janalene said in her video and got great responses. Who knew that beavers are territorial? I can’t wait to learn more about their progress!

❤ Robin Poulin

Hi, I’m Joanne, and I’m a wildlife guardian to the cheetahs Ariel and Addison of Wildcat Ridge. I was amazed to see Tiffany, head keeper, answer my question about the cats in a video. It was amazing. Thanks, Tiffany!
Now my daughter Arianna has become a guardian as well and loves it when the wildlife experts address her personally in some of their live videos. We are truly enjoying this program and we feel so good that we are participating in such a meaningful cause. We love cheetahs!
Thank you WCFP!

Joanne and Arianna, Colorado USA