Frequently asked questions

Q: If I am connected to an animal and he/she is released back into the wild, what happens to my monthly donation?

A: If you are connected to an animal who is then released back into the wild your monthly subscription would automatically be discontinued. You could then have the opportunity to connect to a new animal if desired.

Q: If I decide to make a connection, how long am I committed to my monthly subscription?

A: Payments and connections can be stopped at any time simply by sending us an email. No hassles at all.

Q: How many people can be connected to a particular animal?

A: This depends on the animal’s needs. An animal’s needs are his/her individual needs as well as the environment needed to sustain the quality of life whether that be a sanctuary, preserve, or other wild spaces. If a particular animal has enough connections he/she may not be available for new connections in order to help encourage other animals in need.

Q: Now that I am a guardian to my animal I feel like he/she has become my virtual pet! Is there a way I can meet or see this animal in person?

A: Yes! With some exceptions and limitations. Since we are dealing mostly with wild animals, each situation will be unique. Whether or not hands-on opportunities are available for a particular animal will depend on factors such as safety for the human and animal and being mindful that for some animals, we don’t want them getting accustomed to humans as this may negatively affect them once returned to the wild. However, it is our goal to provide as many hands-on opportunities as possible. Some may include a visit to the sanctuary to see your animal up close and personal. Other options include a day at a facility to help with the cleaning, feeding, and overall care for your animal as well as the sanctuary as a whole. Hands-on opportunities and special events will be listed for each animal or group of animals. In summary, we are striving to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to play a direct role in the life of your chosen animal.

Q: Although I feel excited about the idea of connecting to an animal and supporting him/her with a monthly subscription, what if I want to do more? How can I get even more involved?

A: WCFP offers ongoing various special projects which you can participate in. Each special project will have detailed objectives so that guardians can see their contribution to the cause and the positive impact they are providing.