Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary


  • To rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned native wildlife
  • To provide quality care that avoids habituation to humans and respects each animal’s need for a safe, healthy, species-appropriate environment while in captivity
  • To release animals into the wild in a condition that gives them the best possible chance for survival
  • To provide a permanent home for native species unable to survive in the wild due to human interference
  • To educate the public about issues surrounding wildlife and wildlife interactions with humans
  • To work within the established rules and regulations set out by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources


  • To care for injured and orphaned wildlife and, once rehabilitated, return them to their natural environment, for animals requiring permanent care, to provide an environment that satisfies their biological and behavioural needs.


  • Our sanctuary’s values are based on the animals’ best interests, and through our commitment to providing aid with integrity, excellence, dedication, commitment, individualized care, respect, education.

WildCat Ridge Sanctuary

WildCat Ridge is a 501(c)3 non-profit ‘last hope’ sanctuary located in beautiful Scotts Mills, Oregon. Our mission is to provide a safe, natural lifetime home for captive-born wildcats in need. WildCat Ridge Sanctuary is not open to the public; nor do we buy, sell, breed, or exhibit our animals. It’s a philosophy we believe in and stand by for the safety and well-being of the wildcats.

WildCat Ridge Sanctuary receives no state or federal funding relying on fund-raising, and our generous donors and sponsors.

Earning accreditation from The American Sanctuary Association (ASA), Tiger in America (TIA) ) The Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance, and verification from The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), WildCat Ridge meets strict care & safety standards, and we are the only accredited big cat sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest.


  • Provide a safe, natural lifetime home for captive-born wildcats in need.


  • A world where animals are protected, not exploited.


  • Every captive wildcat has the right to a safe, peaceful, and natural place to live their lives.

Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary


  • Provide lifelong care and rehabilitation for animals unable to be placed back into the wild.
  • Rescue and rehabilitate indigenous wildlife that is eligible for rerelease back into their natural habitat.
  • Provide education, outreach services to youth and adults, including students from underserved communities in Nevada.  Operate a solar-powered, “green” facility that is a working example of innovative energy solutions for the community and beyond.

Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center

Our commitment to wildlife rescue, release, and conservation in Costa Rica

  • Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center is a registered non-profit wildlife rehabilitation facility founded in 1989 and located on 34 acres of natural tropical forest in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica.


  • To protect and restore the country’s biodiversity through wildlife rehabilitation, endangered species breeding, habitat preservation, and the provision of lifetime care for non-releasable animals.

There are three main centers at Rescate’s facility in Alajuela:

  1. A state-of-the-art.
  2. An Endangered Wildlife Breeding Center
  3. With more than 125 species of animals.

Over 2,700 wild animals are admitted to Rescate on an annual basis including sloths, jaguars, monkeys, tapirs, pumas, and coyotes as well as a wide variety of birds, small mammals, and reptiles.

Roughly 800 of the birds, mammals, and reptiles that have been rescued cannot be released due to health or behavioral reasons. Non-releasable endangered species are maintained in the Endangered Wildlife Reproduction Center, where they have an opportunity to contribute to the survival of their species through successful breeding and release of offspring. Non-releasable wildlife of more common species is provided with lifetime sanctuary in the Conservation Park Sanctuary.