We Launch Next Week!
We Launch Next Week!

As said by Buddha, ‘what you imagine, you create’.

At WCFP, we imagine a world where animals are respected and given the right to live peacefully, on their own terms, and as naturally as possible.
We strive to create a movement where we provide people from around the world, and all walks of life, the opportunity to participate in this movement of positive change. Some people dedicate their lives to causes related to animal rights and welfare and we are thankful for them. However:

You don’t have to be an extreme wildlife conservationist to have an extreme impact on wildlife conservation.

You, your friends, your neighbors, and almost everyone can make a direct impact on the lives of animals through this program. You will be able to follow the updates related to a Wildlife Centers’ “WILDLY IMPORTANT GOAL”.

You will see firsthand how your connection will help build a giant play park for the lions and tigers of Wildcat Ridge. Be a driving force in the creation of a temperature-controlled building for the bears, lions, and tigers of Safe Haven. Help the team of Rescate creates new spaces for animals in need.

Sundara the TigerCairo

Next week is the anticipated launch date of this new program. Stay tuned, get connected, become a guardian, change a life.

Many thanks for joining me on this incredible journey,


Jodi Thompson BSc. DVM

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