Vision Statement

Create a worldwide movement to change how we think and interact with the animals and natural spaces that keep our planet thriving in a balanced human/animal relationship. To empower people to create change and take direct action to help restore balance and respect with our natural world. Help be part of the solution to restoring a more balanced world where all life has meaning and is treated with respect.


  • Build connections between animals and humans through virtual relationships. As we develop an emotional connection with an animal or group of animals we will better understand and appreciate them as individuals and as such be more inclined to want to protect them.
  • Increase our awareness of each animal’s individuality and recognizing their right to life on this planet.
  • Develop relationships with people and organizations who believe in our vision so that we may join together to achieve common goals.
  • Focus on emphasizing the positive ways in which we, humanity, are making a difference. Although much of the factual information surrounding animals and wild spaces are bleak, we want to emphasize, highlight, and promote the positive efforts and achievements of everyone involved.   Feelings of empowerment, hope, and passion can ignite amazing ideas, actions, and positive changes.
  • Provide transparency of intentions, expectations, and use of funds. We want people to know how their efforts are directly affecting the animal(s) with which they have connected. We will show how their contributions are helping with factors such as, but not limited to; food, water, shelter, habitat,   release programs, and government laws that affect their well-being.
  • Protect and secure natural habitats to help ensure the survival of future wildlife generations.


  • Connection: Connect as many humans to animals as possible. As people grow more of a bond with an animal through a connection the hope is that they will value the animal, it’s overall species, and habitat.
  • Dedication: Lifelong dedication to the human/animal bond. Relentless journey to help unite people with our natural world. The stronger the connection to our natural world, the more we will be in alignment to protect it.
  • Passion: Fuel that creates the flow of energy to empower us to continue to work towards our goals of creating a more balanced world with humans and animals and the spaces we all need to thrive.
  • Respect: Respect for each other. Respect for the animals with whom we share our world. Respect for the planet which allows us all to live.
  • Action: By promoting opportunities for people to take action, we can all feel empowered and be part of a solution for change. 
  • Positivity: Creating and promoting a positive flow of energy through our words, actions, and state of mind.