Have you ever wanted to help change the world?

  • Imagine having the direct ability to change the fate of an animal in need
  • Be empowered
  • Connect to a wild animal
  • Become a guardian
  • Change a life

Here’s your chance to make a real, tangible difference, one animal at a time!

7-day Free Trial for Each Animal You Become A Guardian For.

What Is A Connection?

Creating a connection makes you a wildlife guardian who is now empowered to take action and be an advocate of change. Being a wildlife guardian means

24/7 Access To Your Animals Personal Portal Page 

  • Being part of their private oasis
  • Almost daily live video streams of your animal(s) in their current habitat so you can get to know them on a personal basis
  • Photo albums of your animal
  • Weekly “behind the scenes” videos about the centre, its people, the animals, and other current affairs
  • Quarterly reports on how your connection is making a change
  • Opportunities for hands-on/live interactions with your animal when possible – can be selected when browsing animals
  • Gift shop with personalized merchandise of your animal only accessible to that animal’s guardians

Access To All Member Updates

  • Weekly WCFP  video series
  • Weekly wildlife center highlights from around the world
  • Weekly animal highlight from around the world

Access To Special Projects

  • Behind the scenes about special projects involving wildlife conservation issues around the world and more ways to take action.
  • Become a wildlife guardian and connect to an animal today!

Connect with an animal today!

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